Awakening – Neo Van de Velde


There is no such thing as being half-Awake in the spiritual sense of it.

Someone is Awake or he/she is not !

There can be many degrees of being Aware. Someone can be more or less ‘Aware’ of something, but that is not to all the same as being ‘Awake’ !!!
Not that becoming ‘Awake’ is happening in a flash !
No, it can take many years, a lifetime or not happening at all to get at that point.
It’s a process that leads to the Awakened state.
It’s a journey of many mountains to climb and dragons to kill, in that the two biggest are ‘letting go’ and ‘understanding the Ego’.
It’s peeling of the layers of different covers you put on over the years. Some can be washed off, some need a good brush, others need to be cut, burned and peeled off.
It’s a journey into the the depths of the you that you are not. It’s a quest a crusade for finding the Truth and to understand the masks and manipulation of the lies by the Ego.
It’s like peeling an onion layer by layer to get to the core and see that nothing is there, then find that all truth lays in there.
It’s not an easy road and journey to travel and there is no highway that lead to the destination.
It’s a long road, a long journey, where the world around you changes as you go and people become more scares. You will feel more isolated and If you weren’t already you probably become more introverted.

If you do not want the world as You know it to be crumbling down, things that you took for granted, then don’t start walking this path !
If you are not ready and willing to walk this path alone, don’t start.
If you are not willing to let go of the old and then get lost into the new, stay were you are.
This is a journey of breaking down, crawling through the mud and into the the dark forest, climbing mountains, diving into the deep and the unknown, before seeing the light.
This is only a journey for those who desire to know Truth and nothing but Truth, not being satisfied with anything less. 

A lot of things become mundane and you loose interest in many things. A lot won’t  make sense anymore. Many other things seem like a waste of time and energy.
Even when around other people you are not interested in most of the talking, the chit-chat, sport, politics, … and you filter all what you hear and see in a different, more refined, way.
People make (now even more then before) comment on your way of being, they don’t recognize you anymore, they think you lost connection with reality. And yes, in a way that’s what is happening. Only what ‘reality’ are they talking about !?

I think for those who are open minded and seekers at the same time endeavoring the path of questioning everything, including the self, they find themselves on the path of the spiritual seeker. (see my other writing about this)

Where am I on that road ?
Who can tell, when you have not even the slightest idea of what the state of being ‘Awake’ really is and feels like.
I only know I am on my way to that outcome and hope to reach it in this lifetime.
(And maybe I meet some follow seekers on the way.)

Neo VdVelde