Becoming a butterfly – Neo Van de Velde

Becoming a butterfly – Neo Van de Velde


Most people know that a butterfly comes from a caterpillar.

BUT do you know about the how, the process ?

Isn’t it curious, even mind blowing that a slow, fat, worm can become a magnificent wonderful beautiful elegant butterfly !?
How comes that the before and after of the process have no similarities at all ?

What happens in the stage between, the transformation, the chrysalis ?
And … what can we learn from it.

Chrysalis = the pupa of a butterfly, the form of the insect when between the larval and adult stages and in a case or cocoon

Recently I did participated in a ayahuasca ceremony (my first time ever) and during my mind travel I also saw myself a few times as undergoing this chrysalis.
(I wish I could express my whole ayahuasca trip but that is impossible to describe with words.)
Anyway, There was also a voice inside my head that mentioned a few times “nothing of this (in regard of what we view as reality) is real.”

Already for a (relative) long time I ponder about the hologram nature of what we think is reality.
In the present moment it is my believe that we do live in an holographic world.
The reason why if seems and feels so damn real is because we experience it as living inside the hologram !
You only can know for sure when you can observe it from outside the hologram itself.
That’s also an other clue why we can not change things from within the hologram. The only place from where we can create and alter the hologram is from outside that particular hologram. And there we find the reason why thing as pure positive thinking or things as the law of attraction can not work in the way it is explained !

To be able to alter/change something like that in our world of experience here in this life here in this Earth reality environment we need to step out of the hologram first and come back to it. (We also find reference clues to this in the movie ‘The Matrix’.

The big question is then how can it be done ???

We live/experience this life as being bound to the laws of this hologram. Let’s call it the Hertzian field.
To be able to step outside of this particular environment experience we need to change our frequency being different then the Hertzian band. In this case we need to speed up our vibration above Hertzian and at least into X-ray field.
A higher frequency also brings with it a different time experience (as time really does not exist as such)
When we vibrate at a higher frequency, time will be longer in relationship to the lower frequency band.

So when we are able to speed up our frequency we can step out and (so to say) above this hologram from where we actually can change/alter things reflecting down into the lower hologram.

By changing our frequency/vibration to X-ray (infra red band), the visible light spectrum band (light body), the blue band (blue body) we can accomplish different thing that will reflect/influence into the lower bands and all the way down to the Hertzian band where we experience this life as living here now in the Earth environment.

How can we accomplish such changes ? How do we change our frequency ?

This can be done in different ways of meditation and exercises.
Whatever tool you use for it it has to do with activating the kundalini energy, bringing this energy up into the different chakra (seals) and activating our energy field (aura, bands, merkaba).

Teaser, to ponder on —>
Ever wandered why Shiva (and other deities, in the East) are represented having a Blue body ?
Why we talk about the Blueprint ?
Why the caterpillar first changes into a Blue gel before it becomes a butterfly ?