Being yourself – What does it mean ? Why is it important ? Or rather is it important ? – Heli St. Luce

Being yourself – What does it mean ? Why is it important ? Or rather is it important ? – Heli St. Luce

I think it could be argued that being yourself could be to your detriment in the current society. If you are relatively or even completely satisfied with your life. 

If you are a slavish follower of fashion, think that the size of your body is more important that it’s health, that others finding you beautiful is more important than how you treat people, if you believe economics, have set opinions about other  religious beliefs, genders, groups of people, if you think some nationalities or ethnicities are superior to others, if you are a deeply religious subscriber to the OMG doctrines (One Man God), if you believe that western society is the best on offer at the moment, or if you believe that you live in a secular democracy or meritocracy then possibly you would be very ill advised to get to know yourself. You are contented being one of the sheep! 

Self knowledge is only something for the much despised goats in Christians mythology. Those who go against the grain. Those who think that there is a purpose beyond breeding to life. The ones who are pained by what they see in the world around them and wish to find another way. Self knowledge is for the desperate, the unhappy, the depressed, the non violent crazies. 

New age philosophies are always propounding the ideal of love as the means to save everything and everyone.  It is a much touted and little practised Christian concept. How often do you see Christians demonstrating that love conquers all? When have you seen in practise on a political or international level from supposed Christian countries that love, unconditional love of course, is the answer?

The people who propagate this ideal are in general over privileged. Have only ever wanted, never needed, been denied but never had to do without. Grew up with the knowledge of opportunity and availability rather than scarcity, unavailability and being dis-encouraged.  

There is lots of love in this world, huge amounts on constant display. Genuine, abiding, deep and fervent love. Love has changed nothing, improved nothing and brought nothing except more two leggeds, animals treated better than people, vegetables treated better than animals. Supposed equalisations that only create more suffering. 

What this world needs is more courage, compassion and wisdom. Courage is the most noble and admirable of all human virtues. Through true courageousness we acquire compassion. Courage and compassion engender (or the child of courage and compassion is) wisdom. 

When one is truly courageous, one is driven to the defence of one’s personal sense of justice. To be truly courageous one needs to know oneself 

Most people define the things that are important to them by comparison. Comparing inevitably creates some kind of a hierarchy. This is to do with the way our minds have been programmed.. Westerners and those brought up in a OMG (One Man God) ideology are trained to see things in duality. There is a grudging lip service to the idea of trinity but this is firmly in second place to the highest single point of order – the One Man God.This ideology is mirrored in society, a single person usually a man at the top and when a woman her modus operandi shows how constructed the notion of gender is. Men are forced to take the lead, be strong, emotionless in control. They retain this power and position even when they choose to name themselves women. (Cis) women waver in the power structure somewhere between and under boys and gay men 

Self help philosophies define life with the Mahayana Buddhist concept that the purpose of life is to learn how to be happy. Which raises the question, what is happiness?  

When the point is learning, lessons are the usual method. It is generally agreed that trial, failure and re trial works. Only those within whom the idea of an all pervasive perfection constantly surrounding them will expect (as most of our children and ourselves seem to do) to get anything right the first time they try.  

Very occasionally, we all have those moments when it is as if some new action or task is coming back to us, as though we have done it before. Or the times (as children to young adulthood, then increasingly rarely with age) when absorbing something new is effortless.  

The One Man God is the all pervasive perfection that constantly surrounds us. Unlike the Goddess/Earth it is a standard impossible for humans to reach. We are told that it is striving for that perfection that is important. Trying to be perfect is all that matters. However if you are trying to be something else it is impossible to understand that our humanity is perfection in and of itself. 

Life itself is perfection. We are constantly reflected back to ourselves in myriad, wonderful ways just observe the planet, nature and animals. That is the Goddess. Perfection on a Earth bound, human scale is the awareness that the notion of perfection in reality is trial, error, cause and effect.  

Anyone who seeks for something above and beyond an Earth bound, human scale, communicating through a pyramidal structure is actually only in search of a way to enslave their fellows. 

The church from it’s inception has been designed to restrict and control the masses. To instil fear, subservience, a sense of helplessness, need, dependence. 

When I speak of the church I am not referring to the teachers whose words have been (trans)formed to create rigid structures. I refer to the bodies defining and maintaining those rigid structures 

A good OMG believer rejects the idea of self actualisation – which is what everyone at radio Alwareness is encouraging and busy with. That is what we believe will save the world and for that Self knowledge is essential.