Enlightenment – Neo Van de Velde


What is ‘enlightenment ‘ ?
I can not say what it is but I can tell you what it is not.
It is not what the new-age people try to sell you.
It is not something you can study for to become.
If is not something that comes to you in a flash.
It is not something you achieve by sitting in ‘meditation’ for hours, days, months, years.
It is not gained by doing yoga.
It is not a forever state of bliss, joy, happiness and love.
It is not a state of higher awareness.
You don’t get it by wearing some special type and colour of clothing, beads, crystals, chanting mantras, kissing the feed of a master or guru, … nor trying to imitate someone you think is enlightened.
(If any of the above would lead you to enlightenment … don’t you think there would be a lot of enlightened people walking this Earth right now !?  I don’t know many, do you ?
So what about those 1000’s on 1000’s who meditate or practice yoga for hour each day ??)

What does the word itself mean ?
In Wikipedia- spiritual meaning – insight or awakening to the true nature of reality.
It means – something that got illuminated, something that became clear, something that got understood. So therefore you can get enlightened many times a day.
But of course that is not what is meant or suggested by the spirituality talkers. They sell it to you as something you want but not what it is. That kind of enlightenment simply does not exist. Not Jesus, Buddha, or any other master teacher had that kind of state all the time.

‘Enlightenment’ is only the word we are more familiar with to term something only a small number of people know and live in/from that state. It’s rather a state of all knowing (and let me explain that here blow), free of illusion, free of duality, free of attachment to an outcome. – Where the ‘all knowing’ of course does not mean you know everything there is to know in a matter like knowing how to build an airplane, build a house, write a business-plan, playing the stock market, the inner working of a computer, … understanding every bit and piece of our so called material world. But rather seeing, understand and know ‘Truth’. The state of “Truth realized”.

You probably will not achieve ‘enlightenment’ (not many do) but the possibility exist if you do the work. When you are willing to die and be reborn from the ashes by destroying the false.

There are so many misconceptions about ‘Enlightenment’  and the bunch of so called VIP in the New Age circus are not helping much either.
And by the way, it’s not because someone has a large number of fans, followers, readers that he/she is valid to say or claim he/she is or knows about ‘Enlightenment’ and can/will show you the way to get there.
AND ! the real “enlightenment’ most people even don’t want it. They want the nice, fuzzy, comfortable, loving, sweet feeling state. They want to belong to a elite group, feel special, … all about ego but not want to recognize that in and for themselves.
Don’t get me wrong, I think most started with good intentions but then their ego, lust for power and/or money came into play.
I always tell people who are searching for a ‘path’ to follow, a teacher/guru, look if that person walks his/her talk AND what is the success rate of their teaching. What do they preach, what do they promise and how many of their students actually reached that goal.

What is ‘waking up’ ?
It became an other hype expression as the one before, and still going on, of ‘living in the now’.
The waking up that is portrayed by most (99%) is the ‘waking up in the dream’ but not the ‘waking up from the dream’ !
An other hype expression like that is ‘stepping out out the matrix’.
Almost all teachings help you to get in a nice comfortable state, a dream state nevertheless. They do call it enlightenment but … nope ! you’re still in the dream, still in the matrix.

Getting out of the dream is hard work, is very uncomfortable for a long time and the only thing to gain from it is ’nothing’.
The real ‘waking up’ is not a ice yellow brik road with sweetness and love, Oh no ! it’s the destruction of the ‘self’ and it’s not an easy road or quick fix.
It’s not so much something that you seek or wish for. It’s more something that happens to you and doing something else will not cut it anymore.

The general used phrase of “Fake it till you make it.” is rubbish, big BS !
And is some cases can even be dangerous. Some people stretch this too far and get in real trouble.
One of the best examples is everything that has to do with money.
You can pretend all you want but when the bills arrive (at home, in the store, restaurant, … ) and you ignore them by not paying … see what happens.
Or on the new-age spiritual side —>
What when you think tat copying someone will get you to the same destination ?
What if your guru always dresses in a particular color, only sleeps 4h/night, only drinks water and doesn’t eat anything. How far you gonna go with that yourself ?

Don’t fool yourself too much with this new-age approach.

So many people in the new-age community talk about compassion and want to help others, help you. Yes, with good intentions, but it takes more then just good intentions !
Many follow some evening or weekend courses and workshops, thinking they now know it all and gonna help others (ego) without they first cleaned up their own shit.
How many so called helpers (in whatever form ; energetic healing, counseling, life-coach (one of my favorite BS names)… ) do you know who they themself don’t live what they preach ?

Clean up yourself first, then see what you can do.

Neo VdVelde