Introduktie – Neo Van de Velde

Welkom aan alle lezers hier
en alvast DANK om mijn teksten te lezen.
Ik hoop dat jullie er iets aan hebben.

Uit ervaring weet ik dat mensen graag wat achtergrond weten over de schrijver van wie ze teksten of boeken lezen. Vandaar dus deze inleiding met wat weetjes over mijzelf.

In plaats van ‘Wie ben ik.’, plaats ik beter, en accurater, ‘Wie ik was.’

Maar voor ik verder ga wens ik ook alvast te vermelden dat ik zowel teksten in het Nederlands alsook in het Engels zal plaatsen.
Waarom in het Engels ? Dit omdat ik reeds meer dan twee decennia meestal in het Engels me uitdrukte, en zelfs dacht.

Neo’s background info

Except for my first 5 years (in Kinshasa, Congo) I spent much of my youth and early adulthood in Belgium, but I have lived all of the world. I am a traveler, inventor, dreamer, hopeless romantic, and entrepreneur. Like many people my journey has been filled with life lessons, joy, loneliness, self-discovery, and dreams of what is possible in this universe. My daily life reflects my values: meditating, connecting with nature; and enjoying others in authentic ways. I strive to live my live in truth. love, and purity.
Since childhood I have had a deep connection with things that are more difficult for some people to conceptualize. More specifically, I have felt a strong tie to the spiritual world and to things the average human eye can not see at this time. This has led my passion to help others via a variety of healing techniques. My desire to help others is also integrated into my work with high energy water, which has significant healing properties.

I live my life based on what I learned over the years and on the principle of the tirade of TRUTH – LOVE – PURITY
I learned these pillars of TLP from an Angel in human form.


I am originally from Belgium and traveled all over the globe, that include India (North, South), Africa (North, Central, South, East and West), Europe (Belgium, France, Holland, Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, UK), America (NY, WA, CA, IL, GA, AK, HI, AZ, UH), Indonesia, Thailand, the Middle East, South America (Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, Mexico, Dominican Rep., Panama)

Spiritual Shopping included ;

I studied with and learned many different healing, meditation and relaxation techniques from many teachers around the world.

Dowsing (pendulum & Lecher antenna), Tarot cards, Crystal Skull, Reiki, Touch for Health, Kineseology, Massage, Fire ceremony, NLP, EFT, Flower of Life, Tachyon, Sound therapy, different meditation techniques, Osho, RSE- Ramtha school of ancient wisdom, … and more.
It was at RSE where I got deeper interested in quantum physics and later understood to more essential nature of things.
I then realized and know that all these things, mentioned above, where only a tool to am end and that he did not need them any longer.

I pulled back from the so called ‘New-Age spirituality’ carrousel already some years ago and now follows my own path.


Wherever asked I gives lectures, workshops, guided meditations (one on one and in group), energetic healings (one on one or in group), does one on one  counseling as well some consulting work.

Truth – Love – Purity

These are the pillars I base my life on ; to live in Truth, with Love and keeping the Purity in my actions.

I don’t want to wonder what life I could have, would have, should have. No wonder that if I did the things I did and the things I didn’t would have been better or worse. I don’t want to have regrets or be disappointed about anything I did.
And when you ask me if I had or have a hard time, if I did struggle to be where I am, if sometimes I feel like giving up, … yes I did and still sometimes do.