Ontwaken – Heli St. Luce

Ontwaken – Heli St. Luce

Ontwaken in het hier en nu. Wie ben ik, wat ga ik doen, wat kan ik voor de mensheid betekenen?

Blijf ik wakker of ga ik weer slapen?Lenny pasfoto 72


Who am I, What do I want to do or be? These are all questions that I have been busy with my whole life. Wat kan ik voor de mensheid betekenen? Was never a question that I bothered with. Why would I want to ‘mean’ or ‘do something’ for mankind? Man kind is for me an archetypal example of the ‘White Mind World’ operating, by defining everyone else by describing them self. Man type literally. That wasn’t and isn’t me, nor is it something I desire or wish to achieve. Cos the only thing that man kind has brought me was a distrust of my body, my thoughts and myself as having any value.

The Blijf ik wakker bit from this month’s theme I found irritating, patronising and contradictory. Am I going to stay awake assumes that people already are, which implies that if you are not you should be. Of ga ik weer slapen says that you’ve been asleep, so how does that fit with the being awake part. So which ever it is I find them both wrong but not quite in the way that is intended perhaps. – Just a little Lennie point. Lets move on!

I can’t tell you who I am, I can’t tell you ‘what’ or ‘how’ it is to be big, physically overtly gender attributable, black, 1.73 or any of the things that most people react to. I can only tell you my experiences, my reactions or responses to those experiences and the conclusions I have drawn from all three.

Strangers tend to react to one’s appearance. That is a great word, how you appear – to them. Which means that it is only an indicator of what people see and the conclusions they draw. Someone who is fat because they have dropsy or a thyroid issue will still be judged as greedy and lazy.

How do we find out who we are, if we are not prepared to accept the judgements, opinions, wishes that others make? How do you choose what to be or do, if you don’t know who you are? Those are the questions that just about governed my life to around about a certain moment.

Since embracing the life philosophy of the teachings of Nichiren Daishonin lots of things have become much clearer and a helluva lot easier.

My function, the reason I was born – and by extension all of us, is to discover, accept and allow my unique talents, then find a way to live true to them and most importantly, to learn how to be happy (through doing this)*. A very specific kind of happiness – indestructible happiness, which is based on a solid life philosophy,  in which wisdom and reality are fused within the individual allowing the Buddha state to manifest.

The attributes of the Buddha are; courage, compassion, wisdom, life force and joy. When the Buddha state is manifest, the attributes are unavoidable – I like all of the attributes.

The best thing about this philosophy is that the third part of the theme questions – that I never saw a need to recognise is also answered.

So, from this specific philosophical standpoint. I have the potential to be a Buddha, I am going to manifest that potential, the by-products of which are enlightenment, happiness, courage, compassion wisdom, life force and joy and by becoming happy and living true to myself, I give everyone around me permission to do the same. Not only that, but with the Buddha’s attributes I have the ability to actively help all the people around me to achieve the same.

About the happiness bit. Indestructible happiness is not the absence of problems, issues and challenges it is the knowledge that one can overcome anything that the universe might choose to throw in one’s direction.

And as for the asleep awake bit – I sleep when I need to and whenever I can, cos it’s nice to be able to sleep whenever one needs. As for the staying awake – Don’t you know that that is a recognised torture?


*People say “Well that’s all very well but what about the physcopaths and peoples who’s talent is in killing”

Firstly, finally, quintessentially, the question(s), the focus, the locus of this philosophy I; In Lennie terms: “How the fuck is it your business unless you are one. Are you?”

The point is that every single, human entity being has the potential to be a Buddha (inside them) – this is the theory of the Ten Worlds http://myanimagodessblog.blogspot.nl/2016/02/the-ten-worlds.html


Percy Dens made a real great addendum to this piece when I read it (differently) on the radio tonight. In my own words (then followed by a quote from Minxy McNaughty).


Some may see joy as a destination, when in fact it is a motor for the journey


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