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Hoe kan je veranderingen aanbrengen in je leven, how can one affect change in their life? Kunnen wij onszelf iets nieuws aanleren, En hoe dan ? How do we teach ourselves something new? Wat als het niet lukt, Hoe ga je er dan mee om? What if you can’t learn? How do you deal with that?

Iets anders proberen ? Try something else?

When I look at this list of questions, I see is that the last three questions deal with themselves.

What if you can’t learn? (I will come back to this.) Wat als het niet lukt, Hoe ga je er dan mee om?

What if you can’t learn? How do you deal with that? Iets anders proberen?

Let’s accept the first of the three questions at face value. OK you can’t learn. How do you deal with that? The last question is the answer. Try something else.

It doesn’t actually matter what you try because trying is exactly that, it’s a test, it is a promise that is only limited by your imagination. Having no imagination is more of a problem than not being able to learn.

In truth I do not believe that anyone is unable to learn. Everyone is incapable of mastering some things, some people will take much longer to learn one thing than another. Everybody is capable of learning most things. Some people can learn many different things, others a very limited number or possibly only a facet of things. Some people can teach anyone how to do one thing. Some people can teach anyone how to do anything. It can depend on the teacher. Some ‘teachers’ unfortunately, can’t actually do it for al their learning. All they every do, is instil in people the fear that they are incapable of learning. So before you try anything, remember to consciously ignore, anything negative, any teacher, ever, has said to you!

Which leads back to the answer as question – Always be prepared to try something else.

Some say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, others you’re never too old to learn. It’s as simple as that. Which one do you believe?

Then there is the issue, that what we believe changes from day to day, if not hour or even minute to minute. On a a good day it is easy to believe in ones limitless potential. Try telling yourself that you have limitless potential on the first heavy day of your period, or when your boyfriend or boss just kicked your ass to the kerb.

Try telling yourself you live in a world of limitless possibilities all geared towards you when your child is in an ambulance or operating theatre or hospital bed.

It’s all comes down to what you believe and what it means to you or what you do, when you believe something.

Is your belief; a call to action, a call to stride forward and stand up for justice? Justice as defined in your own terms, by your reactions and responses to the events and people around you.

Or is your belief, the pat line, that gets you off from being forced to engage with the other two leggeds around you?

When you state your beliefs or belief system(s) is it shorthand for; ‘Now leave me alone, if you are not on the same page’ or are you saying; ‘So, what do you think? And how can we find out more about each other’?

Our beliefs are an indication of our attitude to learning.

Learning and enjoying learning; being willing and able to learn or seeking to learn; being perfectly happy with everything you have learnt up until now; having a desire to stop learning and do something, even nothing else. Or having not enjoyed anything that you have been taught. Or knowing that learning involves pain, negative judgement, criticism and failure?

We all have different reactions to the idea of learning. Each of these thoughts, knowledge, convictions or beliefs will take a person to a completely different life experience.

The first two questions are again question and answer.

Hoe kan je veranderingen aanbrengen in je leven, how can you we affect change in our lives? Kunnen wij onszelf iets nieuws aanleren, En hoe dan ? How do we teach ourselves something new?

You change yourself by learning something new. Any acquired knowledge changes the recipient. If you learn something it changes you. When you have learnt something you are different from the person who learnt or was learning or wanted to learn. – If you need that explaining you have to pay me for my time, you can contact me via Radio and TV Alwareness!

Kunnen wij onszelf iets nieuws aanleren, En hoe dan ? Can we teach ourselves something new? And How? These are the core questions for the month of January.

It is easy for me to say, of course we can teach ourselves something new, isn’t it? (Not really!)

Are you happy and contented with everything about where you are here and now? (I wish I were.)

Something tells me that if you were, completely satisfied you wouldn’t be listening to this radio program or checking this website. Nor would I be here.

Of course, this could be your favourite hour of fun. Listening only to ridicule, sitting with a couple of friends and laughing yourselves backwards and forwards from the toilet to the radio, remembering to drink water and stay dehydrated so you actually have some laughter to piss. (I was told to explain this joke. In English we say ‘pissing yrself with laughter’ because so many of us have surely come close if not actually done it!)

Are you listening to this program (reading this article) because it confirms to you that you have made all the right choices in your life. Are you are happily sailing, coasting and fully enjoying the journey of your life?

My guess is that if you are still reading, listening to this program, it is because you are dissatisfied with many of the options you are presented.

Is there a niggling little voice inside you telling you, that you are NOT this that. Your life/choices/possibilities are NOT limited to this that. Is there a niggling little voice inside you telling you, that there are other dissenting, niggling voices that could take you somewhere else?

If you listen to the niggling, if you give credence to that feeling, if you choose to trust the rebel in your belly then you are already in a state of learning. The next step is open willingness and grace.

We have limitless possibilities, only our refusal to explore them (fear) holds us back. What will others think? What will it cost? What will we have to give up?

How do we know we have limitless possibilities?

Only by trying.

The literal translation of the work karma is action. Our actions, the things we do, our habits, our beliefs are the deciding factors in what works or does not work towards creating our happiness. Happiness is ‘The Greater Vehicle” which is the translation of the meaning of Mahayana.

Interestingly I can’t find a translation of the word ‘grace’ that is acceptable (to me). Gratie, genade, gunst hmmm…….No! I mean a space, a feeling, the innate knowledge, of true beneficence, plus power and ability to use and apply both (power and beneficence) in every moment.

Although it is encapsulated in in NMRK*. This is a determination, an affirmation, a mantra that I wrote for myself that I would like to share with you.

I am open and willing to receive the lessons the universe brings me, with courage and grace. I know and trust that the universe is intrinsically benign. I understand that my learning comes to me as I choose to perceive it. I am receiving these lessons as loving gifts.

Ik ben open en bereid om de lessen die het universum mij brengt te ontavangen met moed en ‘grace’. I weet en vertrouw erop dat het universum intrinsiek goedaardig is. Ik begrijp dat my lessen komen zoals ik kies om ze te ontvangen. Ik ontvang mijn lessen als liefdevolle geschenken.


*Nam Myoho Renge Kyo – Devotion(alignment) with/to the Mystic Law of the universe (cause and effect) / a commitment to creating world peace beginning with oneself and immediate surroundings.

Heli St. Luce