Where I am now (6 months ago) – Neo Van de Velde

What is TRUTH ? (and where am I)

The Truth is only what I experience and in that it is only so for/to me.
– Neo VdVelde

Even what I consider as being the Truth is still covered by many layers of (false) believes I picked up over the years. And even that so called Truth, or and to me, is only one of the unlimited possibilities in the eternal Now.

Truth is always there, present to be seen. Only most people don’t see, having eyes but blind to Truth. And yes, the ‘system’ goes a long way to try hide the truth from us.
Blinded by false believes, accepted by us true education, social environment, religion, the media and commercials.

You can not study for “waking up”, it’s a journey you walk. It’s an path of  unlearning and the most important is to take that first step.
Enlightenment is know to most as a heaven on Earth blissful, happy, loving, place of existing, but that is only a fantasy within a dream.
Enlightenment isn’t that what most believe it is. It isn’t that what so many teachers and guru want to sell you.

The only way to know something is to do it, to experience it, for yourself.
You can read about something, ponder about it, visualizing doing it, … but (as an example) you never will know how an apple taste till you actually take a bite from it.

How to get there, what to do ?
Asking only two questions is enough.
–   Is it truth ? (Is it verifiable?)
–   Who am I ? (By asking yourself who am I not ?)

You are nothing with years of practicing meditation, yoga, philosophy, metaphysics, … sitting at the feet of masters and guru, to get to Truth realization. To get there there is only one way, … the way within, killing the self and be reborn from the truth that was never lost, only hidden. Burn the false away and the truth will stand and shine before you.

TRUTH and BELIEVES   —>   No believes are truth !

Think about this, where did you pick up your believes and did you ever question them to be truth ?
When you do some thought digging about anything, what can you actually say with certainty that is truth ?
Most of with we accept of being truth are only conventions. Like the the sky is blue.
But it is not because two or more people see the same thing that it actually is so or being truth.
Also a lot of our known duality is different from person to person. It’s more about personal preferences. Like; it is warm, that’s beautiful, that smells good, …
What is considered good and evil/bad also vary from person to person by morality accepted from social surrounding, upbringing, believes and religion.
Even science now can disproof a lot of what we previous believed as being the truth !

Like we now know that the material world, as we experience, it doesn’t really exist, that we probably live in an super hologram. We now even know, and can proof, that our so called conscious decisions are not really ours (as the self we experience) to begin with.

They only statement inside the hologram we can accept as being the truth is that we exist as a player on this stage. So we can say “I am”. But what is then that ‘I’ that is ?

What is consciousness ?
Who is thinking my thinking observing my thinking ?
Are we living as a character in an gigantic holographic video game ?
And who’s controlling our character ? Who designed our character to play in this game ?

Even just for the fun of it, try to see the what you do today from that place of knowing.
look at yourself, your life, as you would look at it from a remote place sitting in front of a screen. Then ponder and wonder if it could be like that.

So, what can we say that is really truth ???

Take any believe you have now and examine it, take a really close look from a neutral perspective, try to make sense of it and you will find out that it most cases it doesn’t.

What we call our truth is in fact colored by our believes as well as by the conditions in witch it is observed.

Ask yourself, WHAT IS TRUTH.

Neo Vd Velde