Who we are. – Neo Van de Velde

Who we are.

Who we maybe are, where we maybe come from and why.

Depending your believes you may think about a creator and call him/her God in whatever form and name doesn’t really matter here.
This is not a theologian explanation or guessing but a personal theory.
I only want to pint out some things, not giving you an answer not even pushing you to a certain outcome.
Do your own research and pondering to come to your own conclusion.

What I do recognize is that even in different religions and believe systems a lot of the followers or believers know little about the origin, on how and where that religion or believe system came about. Where does the story come from, who and when were the scriptures noted down.

I sure am not a religious person, nor did I study or looked into different religion deeply.
Nevertheless I know enough to write this from my own personal little quest about the subject.
I will not go back to were it all started for me (you can find that info in my other texts if interested to know)
Nor do I wish to write down a long essay about this and will keep it short, giving you the reader some points to look into for yourself, to reflect on it and ponder about.

When we put different religion next to each other and have a closer look at them we notice that we can boil it all down to much of the same basic points. The message is generally the same and all are twisted enough to put some dependence and fear into the believers, making the spiritual authority of that faith in control and you giving your power away.

Also most of the writer material was done much later then the claimed happenings and even written down by those who were not present when it supposedly took place.
Further we notice alterations in later rewrites too.
One of those alterations is that what first was written as Gods (plural) became God (singular).
So then the question is … Who are these Gods ?

We also find, in different religions, that the Gods came down from heaven and in many cases had wings or came down in what we now would call spaceships. In some old Indian text the existence of Vimana = ’spacecrafts’ it is clearly mentioned.
Of course you easily understand why such information was deleted in the re-writes.
Nevertheless when we do find and look at this information found over and over in totally different parts of the world it makes you wonder.

These days science, and more specific quantum physics, comes (if you are open to it) with some possible explanations.
Yes, they seem at first so far fetched and still fall under the category of Sci-Fi, nevertheless very interesting to explore some more and deeper into it.

What else do we find in ancient texts ?

The story of the Annunaki, the deep gold mines in South Africa, the giant skeletons and skulls, the blue body gods in Indian art, the Avians, the story of the inner Earth people, the story of the Dogon tribe and the Sirius connection, …

And what did science, more specific quantum physics, found ?

One of the things know to most of us is the fact that when we look at the atomic and then the sub-atomic level of the so called material world and go even more to the smaller and smaller, we notice that 99,99999999999…..% of that so called material world is only empty space. Well, now we also know that that so called empty space is not really nothing.

Also in the so called universe we see matter and what we now call dark-matter. They also found that the void is not an empty space of nothing.
They also found a digital signal in the noise from the universe. Not is it only digital in nature but it’s even binair, the same as we use in our computers here. Not only that, the signal is a specific code we know in our computers as being a reference trace code.
To give you an idea of what can be a possibility I will use the the computer model because it it’s not only something most of us can understand as a metaphor but also, and even more so, because it leans very very close to it.
We know that everything we sense with our body (see, hear, feel, taste, smell) are only electrical signals translated by the brain giving us the experience of this material world.

None can tell if that material world really exist.

Many experiences were done to see if the body and the brain could make the difference between a so called real event and an imagined one. There was no difference.
So is that candle light we see ‘out there’ perceived as actual light inside our brain ? of course not, it’s only an electrical impuls code translated by the brain as being that.
We now even can stimulate the brain in such a way, by using electrical impulses coming from a device and fedd to the body, that we experience something that doesn’t exist in the outside world. We can even induce thoughts and feelings, pick up information about dreams, … feed electric pulses to the tongue to give us the sensation and taste of whatever we program it to be.
Also it is proven over and over that what we think is a conscious decision can be predicted by a computer 6 to 10 seconds before we actually make that so called conscious decision.

Taking this as a given, for now, that the ‘out there’ really doesn’t exist as we perceive it. That our so called conscious decisions are needed to our brain even before we are aware of them. Knowing that all findings by science steer more and more that we live in a holographic simulation … the question is … If we are the players in the game, then who is playing the game, who invented the game  and what is the purpose of it ?

Wish our computer power, in speed and storage capacity, increasing faster and faster, we come closer to be able to create and artificial holographic world within ours not so far in the future.

My personal view (in a nutshell) on all of this is as follow.

Our so called actions are not conscious action we decide.

So what about free will ?

I think the only free will is how we react on a given situation and depending on our ‘feelings’ the next scene can or will not be influenced and changed to see again how we will react to it.
Thereby the whole ‘You create your reality’ is BS. More accurate would be ‘You create your own personal holographic reality’, but even that is not correct in the light of what is mentioned above !

‘Your unfolding holographic reality is based on your reacted feelings about the given situation’.

I hope that this information, brought together here, will make you start wondering of the origin of our human existence and make up your own idea about it.

Neo VdVelde